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We are Lucas, Henri, Lisa and Victoria and the founders of Falcon Equestrian. Ever since we can remember, equestrian sports have been an integral part of our everyday lives and we can't imagine life without our beloved four-legged friends. In our daily work at the stable, we have long longed for clothing that is functional and durable, but equally modern and stylish. So in 2022 we founded our own label Falcon Equestrian. We are looking forward to you becoming a part of the Falcon family and walking this path together with us.


The Falcon is known for its agility, precision and courage. At Falcon Equestrian, our goal is to create equestrian apparel that is comfortable, functional, durable, and affordable. With our products, you don't have to compromise and can focus completely on your athletic performance. In our opinion, it's time that you don't have to sacrifice comfort, quality and functionality in your training. From many years of riding experience, we know how much riding life and sport can take a toll on your clothing. Falcon garments are made of a supple and flexible material that adapts to your body and your movements. A sweaty workout can't get you down in our products because we work with quick-drying and breathable materials.

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